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Yesterday the latest report from Sustainable Brand Index™ regarding the Nordic countries was publish. Sustainable Brand Index is Europe’s largest independent brand study focused on sustainability. The results show that companies need to be clear in their sustainability communication, in order to avoid the beginning fatigue that some consumers express that they are feeling regarding sustainability.

For companies it is therefore important to communicate about

– WHICH actions you are taking
– WHEN you will do it
WHAT are your results.

Five steps to ensure this:

  • Map your risks and opportunities in your value chain
  • Involve and engage your stakeholders – start with your customers
  • Break your strategy down in operationalize strategic themes, set goals, sub-goals and indicators
  • Allocated finance, organization capacity and adjust your business processes
  • Document, report and communicate on your progress – both your negative and positive impacts and results.

The five steps are a proven way to be precise and transparent in your work and communication about sustainability in order to gain trust and credibility.

If you want to learn more about how your company can gain results by work strategic and transparently with sustainability – you are welcome to contact Nana Foxby-Jacobsen, Senior adviser @ Blue Tree

What to know more about the reports read here https://www.sb-index.com/rankings

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